Tuesday, 9 July 2013


Oh baby it's cold outside... let's dance. (around the house while cooking dinner)

If you don't know him yet (WHAT!), he's this 21-year old music god from Sydney's Northern Beaches that won't take too much longer to make everyone else around the world go crazy for him. All you kids in Europe and the US better go see him at one of his gigs now that he's touring or else you'll really regret missing out... I always make the mistake to discover artists after they finish their concerts in Sydney, so don't follow my example.

In the meantime, go on his Spotify and star the shit out of him already.


  1. Totally dig Flume too ! Gutted I didn't get to check him out at laneway

  2. Hey! It really has been a long time.

    No way, how long ago was he in Manly? Need to keep an eye on these events
    and keep each other posted. He's getting pretty big now.