There was a time when I started to think about who I really am, and what I really wanted in life.

I studied hospitality management, and love the industry I chose. I have developed a particular enthusiasm for small businesses and the concept of selling/sharing things created and maintained with passion, thoughtfulness and care. I am constantly observing, assessing, admiring all the talent out there, building my ideas, and dreaming of the day I can make an equally meaningful contribution not only to people's enjoyment but also to the greater community.

At the same time, I am constantly concerned about my personal life - am I happy, healthy, creative? Am I surrounding myself with people and things I care about, and continuously exploring the unseen and unknown? Learning, evolving and refining myself on a daily basis?

Suited Up and Barefoot is a collection of thoughts, finds, and other everyday topics of interest that I find are contributing to my journey to fulfil the above. I hope they will make you think, smile, raise your opinion, and inspire you to look after yourself and really, really enjoy who you are.

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