Thursday, 27 September 2012


When I first saw this collection I just went omigodomigodomigod. Even everytime I look at it again I still can't help going omigodomigodomigod. Can you imagine having these pieces in your work wardrobe, especially that pink perfection of a suit? The square cut of the jacket, the red detailing and the ankle-length pants are so mad I'll definitely get something like this tailored next time I'm back in Vietnam. Yes, in hot pink. Or burnt orange. Maybe both. Anyway, fell head over heels in love with Jenni Kayne's new spring collection (which has been floating around everywhere on Tumblr and fashion blogs) - sleek, timeless cuts meet rockstar/retro punch in the face. It's so down my alley I think I'll have all of them tailored next time I go home.

I know that everytime I post something new I say I haven't written for two million years. I finished college about a month ago (for good!!) and kinda went through this crazy meltdown for a while, where I was just exhausted and literally felt like doing nothing all the time - at some stage I didn't even feel like talking that much (which is weird for me). But am recovering now and made cake again yesterday, hahaha.

To conclude on a(nother) happy note, please go vote for our amazing Manly bartender friends Hayden (Hemingway's), Davide and James (Harlem) to become Australia's next World Class Bartender! (Well, only one of them can win, but let's just vote and let them worry about that later...) Apparently voters get the chance to win something too, but who cares. Manly represent!