Sunday, 25 September 2011


A few shots of our (revamped!) place I took today. It's the last day off before the new term starts - so not ready at all. Sorry I've been MIA for almost the whole term break! Probably my most productive term break so far (sorry last term break I was busy celebrating my birthday) - besides working and hanging out with old friends and making new ones, I managed to tick off quite a few points from my to-do list for this holiday:

  • Repainting coffee table
  • Buying arm chairs - finally it feels like a real living room!
  • Seeing family, especially my new beautiful cousin Helena
  • Op-shopping - heaps of new/old table ware, clothes and accessories. Really got into Geri Hirsch's turban tutorial, you will catch me wearing one out most of the time now as I managed to buy 3 scarves haha.

So that's actually not that much ticked off then, because I planned to bring stuff that I don't wear to Salvos and Vinnies, make jewelry and clean up the sunroom too, which I haven't got to yet, mostly because there's still so much stuff of Polly and Phong in there. I've been lazy with taking pictures too for some reason, although now that I think about it I spent most of my free time at the beach, which is nothing too new anyway. The weather has been amazing, I've been out tanning so many times already and have even gone for a swim. I see the northern hemisphere having teardrops run down their cheek. It's ok, next year it'll be your turn again. *patting your back*

*Other new favourites from this term break:

I just realised that I got paint in my hair. And that I haven't bought any note pads for uni. And that I haven't washed that stain out of some of my school pants. And I haven't checked out my new Donna Hay cook book I just got yesterday either. Term break why do you always have to be so short?


Rediscovered greek yoghurt with honey. Just a bowl of this makes the day a summer day.


Don't think there's anything I need to say. I can see your saliva running down your mouth.

Summer is approaching fast, guaranteeing some of the grandest sundowns in the world.


Monday, 12 September 2011



In the two years I've been here I'd never sat down at Opera Bar until yesterday. When Tamara and I were on our way I thought ha, this again is most likely a really touristy spot where a whole lot of foreigners sit and gaze at the Opera House and the Bridge (which I get to see from the ferry every day I go to work) and get ripped off for their drinks. Well, I ended up sitting there gazing at the Opera House and the Bridge too, with a whole lot of other locals. And they didn't even rip us off for our drinks.

Recently I've been feeling very grateful to be here; Sydney Harbour is just so amazing no matter how often you get through or see it, and Manly is probably one of the coolest places in the world to live - what else can you want besides five beaches, meals and drinks at the water and in the sun, and living at the speed of a turtle? I couldn't be happier with my life at the moment, and thanks mum for sending me here.

How gorgeous is my Tamara? And I really like that make-up on me too; Irina's flat mate Karen took me to her make-up course and I got to play model for her oriental face practice. I'm gonna make her run through a Make-up 101 course with me - time for me to get acquainted with more than just eye liners and nail polish.

And thanks to that stranger who offered to take photos for us!


So the big boss has left us for the city of angels, which I'm not happy about at all. We had a seriously fun farewell party for Martin at Customs House Bar last weekend though, although I'm quite sure that he didn't even get drunk. What happened to buying shots for the centre of the party?
Martin started work at the same time with myself, when I started working at the hotel for my internship. He is the most dedicated manager I've ever worked with - can you imagine living in Surry Hills and spending days off coming in to work? He has been so supportive with all matters during the year I've worked there, and I really really hope to work with him again one day; I honestly am going to miss you so much. I hope it's not gonna be as fun in LA so you come back to Sydney. Kidding.

It's been a while since I played with b&w. Never fails to look sharp.



*Jason Mraz - A Beautiful Mess (From A Raining Jane Session)

Josephine and I were in the same group for Contemporary Leadership, and from the very first day I thought this girl wears mad stuff; it was pretty much a massive fashion girl crush at first sight. Last Friday we hung out all day as I had asked her to take me shopping some time - the weather was quite miserable but I had such a good time exploring awesome shops around Bondi, Woollahra and Paddington, and areas I had never been to before. She is such a lovely and funny girl (she believes she's a very pink person) and I'm excited to hang out again soon when she comes back from NY - you know, she's just casually flying over there during Fashion Week. Without knowing that it's on.
And now I remember - she was one of my "upcoming projects". She's finished with her degree after this term so I better follow her around at college to take her photos before she's gone.

Thursday, 8 September 2011


I know that Oscar has been waiting for these photos eagerly (and now maybe angrily too). This previous term we had to take this HOTS class - nothing hot about it really; it's this nerve-wrecking hotel simulation that we had to run as a group, and there were reports due every second week. As painful as it was, we made some new friends and (kind of) have a couple of fond memories, such as this awesome spontaneous burrito night we held after getting a distinction for one of our reports (which in the end got put down to a credit because we blew our capital expenditure budget). Our fierce South American team members Oscar and Andres were keen to teach us girls how to properly make, roll and eat burritos - that is, with shitloads of guacamole, beer and dancing. We even filmed a burrito rolling tutorial.

Can't deny Mexican food is hella fun, although I still don't get the difference between tacos, burritos and fajitas. But I know that I do love the guacamole haha. Grrrrracias signorrrres!