Monday, 12 September 2011


*Jason Mraz - A Beautiful Mess (From A Raining Jane Session)

Josephine and I were in the same group for Contemporary Leadership, and from the very first day I thought this girl wears mad stuff; it was pretty much a massive fashion girl crush at first sight. Last Friday we hung out all day as I had asked her to take me shopping some time - the weather was quite miserable but I had such a good time exploring awesome shops around Bondi, Woollahra and Paddington, and areas I had never been to before. She is such a lovely and funny girl (she believes she's a very pink person) and I'm excited to hang out again soon when she comes back from NY - you know, she's just casually flying over there during Fashion Week. Without knowing that it's on.
And now I remember - she was one of my "upcoming projects". She's finished with her degree after this term so I better follow her around at college to take her photos before she's gone.

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  1. I love love love your photographs in this post!