Thursday, 8 September 2011


I know that Oscar has been waiting for these photos eagerly (and now maybe angrily too). This previous term we had to take this HOTS class - nothing hot about it really; it's this nerve-wrecking hotel simulation that we had to run as a group, and there were reports due every second week. As painful as it was, we made some new friends and (kind of) have a couple of fond memories, such as this awesome spontaneous burrito night we held after getting a distinction for one of our reports (which in the end got put down to a credit because we blew our capital expenditure budget). Our fierce South American team members Oscar and Andres were keen to teach us girls how to properly make, roll and eat burritos - that is, with shitloads of guacamole, beer and dancing. We even filmed a burrito rolling tutorial.

Can't deny Mexican food is hella fun, although I still don't get the difference between tacos, burritos and fajitas. But I know that I do love the guacamole haha. Grrrrracias signorrrres!


  1. Chelsea Attenborough12 September 2011 at 15:58

    OMG, after basketball the other night the bf took me to get a "fajita" as I'd never had one. After opening it I was like ahhh, this is a burrito? And then there's kebabs, which I swear are the same too?

    Anyway enough said on that, your little mexican gathering looks super fun :) Nice wig.

  2. YOU NEED to come to America then! I swear no one knows the difference besides us over on this side of the world. And mexican food is amazing [esp where I live]!!! Oh and do you know what a quesadilla is??