Sunday, 24 July 2011


The music industry has again lost a wonderful talent. Someone who should have been celebrated for her beautiful voice and music that are so effortlessly sexy, charming, touching, melancholic and grand at the same time; someone who should have become an icon of our generation's music. Looking past all the things that happened or might have happened in her life, my heart is only listening to her songs and feeling sorrow for people like her whose fate decided to stop them from sharing their gifts with the world.

(from,,, Amy Winehouse Official Forum, Harper's Bazaar)

I promise I will keep listening.

*Tears Dry On Their Own

*Wake Up Alone

*Some Unholy War

*Stronger Than Me

Saturday, 23 July 2011


Click for more of my iPhone polaroids on my tumblr!

It's my first day off since forever, so I've been lying in bed spoiling myself with some downtime. Was catching up with all the new prettiness in the blogworld when I stumbled upon tiger in a jar on Honestly WTF. I follow a selection of blogs that I find inspiring, but what Julie and Matt are posting on their adorable space (especially this, this, this and this) made me want to get on my feet and make the most of my day today, explore something new, take photos, be efficient and indulge myself with some "barefoot" time, especially as the sun is making a quick appearance again after a hundred days of rain.

Economics assignment, sorry you have to wait today.

Thursday, 21 July 2011


My shoes wishlist this winter:
1. Tretorn Skerry Resling, as seen on, because I feel like dry feet and a bit of colour in this yucky rain
2. Rachel Comey Penpal, as seen on and all over blushing ambition, because they're simple enough to wear with business attire but definitely also stylin' enough for nights out
3. Zara Leopard Print Ballerinas, because mine have become old and dirty, and skinny jeans can't exist without leopard flats


It feels like it's been 2,000 years since I last posted something. The past few weeks have been the most hectic ever, with assignments after assignments due, quizzes after quizzes, and work squeezed in between anywhere possible. I've been coming home pretty much only to sleep, or to keep working on my papers. This term's subjects are so demanding, and although in some way I enjoy knowing that I'm pushing myself and that I'm getting quite a bit out of this term, I can't wait for it to end either. After all we're already in week 7 - only over a month to go until holidays!

Well, all that stress hasn't left much time for anything else, so there's nothing new to tell really. It's freeeezing in Sydney now, and as we're right at the water in Manly it's probably even colder and windier here. Hoping to update my wardrobe a little after my tax claim, and although I don't smell too much money coming my way, I really need to get some black boots to go to uni in. Sometimes I sit in class in my heels and my feet get so cold that I don't understand what the teacher says anymore. And then it's been raining cats and dogs for the past few days as well, bummer.

Despite all the misery I still try to find some joy in the day (such as walking against the wind every morning with Polly, making money with our imaginary but super time-consuming hotel that we're running for one of our courses, going out for nice food - Ms G's crossed off the list!, and all the stuff I listed above), and I'm so glad that I finally get to relax a little tonight and have time tomorrow after class for big clean-up; especially my room looks like a bombside with books and paperwork all over the place. Oh and guess what - I managed to get tickets for Polly and me to one of the two Jason Mraz shows at the Opera House this November! Fricken unreal.

Pretty sweet not having to worry about tomorrow for a change. x

Wednesday, 6 July 2011


Currently on repeat:

So it was Benny's birthday dinner on Monday, and I thought making a cake for him would be nice (for both him and me, as I haven't baked anything for ages. Actually that was a lie, I made clafoutis the other week). My inner Jamie Oliver (haha) awoke when I saw this ad and I knew it had to be a layered chocolate cake this year - last year I got him a layered cake from the 24/7 bakery on the Corso, so I've managed to create a tradition too.

(and the ad is for my camera too - it was just meant to be, you know.)

I found this recipe for a very lovely chocolate sponge that rose tall enough for three layers (I think my spring form is 25cm), and was firm enough to cut up without any problems - if I had messed up the base that night I would've probably had no choice but to go to the bakery for the same cake as last year again. Poached some cherries in shiraz, sugar and allspice berries, melted some dark chocolate (actually I put melted chocolate into the sponge as well, instead of cocoa!) and whipped a hell lotta cream, and this was the result. By the way, speaking of whipped cream - Chuck, I think you must have thrown out one of the beaters of my egg mixer after whipping cream for pancakes on my birthday. Bit time consuming to beat stuff with only one beater, but thank god I still got one, else I would've cried.

Kay gotta go finish my assignments. Ugh no! *stomping with my feet*

Monday, 4 July 2011


Currently on repeat:

We enjoy the luxury of having a sunroom in our apartment; to my convenience it's even connected with my room so it's mostly me who spends time here. I'm a big fan of bright rooms and love waking up to blue skies and sunshine - the sunroom just next door therefore is a gift of God. When I was on industry training, on my days off I'd take my blanket and a book and chill all day on the sunbench. Now that we're back at college, I said to Polly that we should set it up as a study room - it's quiet and bright, and why waste it? We moved the mattress on the sunbench into our living room to set up that little lounge area, so since I got my desk I've been spending much more time in here again, soaking up some winter sun while doing what I need to do.

Bit of fun going on in here too.

Grey clouds are pulling up now, ew. Time for a nap.

Friday, 1 July 2011


I've always thought of doing something to my bedroom walls; before we weren't sure if we were gonna move out, but now that we're staying in this apartment until we finish uni I just had to put an end to my bludging. I love collecting photographs and ads from magazines and spending hours looking at pretty stuff, but the thought of doing that and then school work and house work and actually deciding what to do first exhausts me, so I usually opt for staying in bed with my computer and do nothing. The fear of not having enough time for everything leads to wasting all of it... Anyway, off topic. Polly already has a photo wall in her room so I decided to go for, well, pretty much a physical tumblr collection.

No, I never make my bed.

Again off topic, but I love all those "What's in my bag" blog posts or articles - I know it's weird, but for us girls in some way it's always exciting to explore others' daily "friends". Nothing amazing in my own bag though, but I thought I could do a "What's on my bedside table" post instead; well at least it's somehow related to my new wall.

My little Nikon USB stick from Cynthia

Love how all the July issues look super festive - feels quite a bit like Christmas! Borrowed this book from our college library, can't wait to dive into it.

Matryoshkas from Polina

A card for my mum that was meant to be sent for Mother's Day, and Irina's hot water bottle to get through the winter (without heaters!)

My Nixon headphones/ear warmers

Have a lovely weekend everyone x


Phong and Chenchen on their cigarette break.
Btw Phong wears awesome shit to uni too. Ladies, watch out.


I've decided to take my camera to college more often, at least on days my bag doesn't weigh like, 50kg. There are heaps of fancy people running around up there so I have to get over my awkwardness and approach them. I've started this collection (and this gentleman was very cooperative, thank you!) so I might as well continue...