Saturday, 31 December 2011


1- Some businessman's briefcase, Young Street corner Bridge Street / 2- T's sunnies / 3- Muesli out of my favourite cup, or actually, after having it

For some reason these photos feel very quiet and calm, and remind me of how content I am with where I am and what I'm doing at this stage.

Saturday, 17 December 2011


I haven't been on my blog for so long it almost feels weird already! Sorry for being MIA for the past couple of months - I had things on all the time and haven't really been taken many photos, so I got a little lazy. You know how there's always something to do but nothing really significant, you feel busy but you're not supposed to be? Anyway, that's my excuse for spending more time on tumblr instead, I guess because it requires less brain work. (See what I've been up to on that one last piece of cake and nightlightsaver)

But yesterday was our last exam, and it's finally holidays! Started it off with an extended 6-hour eating-and-drinking session from Hemingway's over to Jah Bar; more activities and festivities are lining up from today onwards and I know it's gonna be a mad pre-Christmas week. Lots to do for Christmas too - wrapping presents (I've been efficient this year and have pretty much finished my Christmas shopping, just waiting for some last deliveries!), making and writing Christmas cards, baking until my oven gives up, which reminds me that I actually have to get more baking utensils first. Some inspirations for this festive season:

  • This month's Gourmet Traveller, with recipes from Bar H's Hamish Ingham and The Fat Duck's Heston Blumenthal (green tea choc truffles! Date, fig and apple chutney! Potted duck!), and Donna Hay Magazine, with this amazing Christmas cookie box

  • Simple hand-drawn Christmas cards

  • Summery decoration

So, I'll be off to my favourite Manly Market now (if you read this this morning and you're around you should not miss it, because it's only once a month and super rad! See you at the primary school), but before I leave I probably should write a quick to-buy/to-do list, otherwise I'll just run around town buying stuff that don't need to be bought, doing stuff that don't need to be done (I got books from the library lying around that need to be returned, gift cards that need to be redeemed, I even bought the wrong light bulb for my night lamp yesterday because I keep forgetting to bring the blown one along). I'll be back with more christmassy things soon - enjoy your holidays x

Thursday, 10 November 2011


Images from

"PUBLIC, conceived by Ian Schrager, is an entirely new class of hotel. Its fundamental attributes are innovative, sophisticated, authentic style; spot-on, personalized, empathic "essential" service; lasting comfort with complete functionality, all at an affordable price and offering tremendous value. For the first time, this type of hotel experience will be available for everyone and anyone who wants it."

Uhm, I say, swooned. Yes, at the design because it's super chic with its sleek interior (how cool are the bright green details in the lobby and restaurant? However not a very big fan of the minimal bedrooms), but then even more at the hotel concept. It's the best of the luxury, boutique and select services worlds - stylish, personal but just where it matters and not in-your-face, and affordable. It seems to be very quality-focused, fresh and fun and nothing too crazy which would make you want to come back again and again. Ian Schrager just happens to get it right. Again. Probably all the time.

That man has pretty amazing taste - check out his website and have a look at all his work. I really enjoy his idea of business; whatever the theme might be, it's always playful, sexy and super social. You want your people to have a bangin' time every time they visit, and visit often, don't you?

Oh I say yes. And I'll be following your lead, Mr Schrager.


Sportsgirl Marley mocassins, as seen in this post; David Jones leather bag

Toby picked up this beautiful bag for me from the council dump (ha!) and I've been using it pretty much every day since then. It still needs a few stitches as the thread is coming off at the corners and on the handle, but other than that it's in amazing condition - and it's brown! I wonder what the story behind the bag is though, and what bags that lady is using instead now; probably some super hip off-the-runway hotties while we reach back to their oldies. Did I mention I'm pretty obsessed with op shopping these days?

Wednesday, 19 October 2011


photos by theonlygoodpunk x Suited Up and Barefoot

Tuesday afternoon, and we pretty much got this little bit of paradise to ourselves. I don't think it could ever get any better than this - who cares about holidays, we get this every fricken day. Although I do agree with Toby when he said this is holidays; it's about how you feel. I felt euphoric and overwhelmed by all the beauty that we're so privileged to be surrounded by.

It's almost like free fall into heaven.

Monday, 3 October 2011


I mainly went for Little Dragon and Lykke Li, but yes, finally I made it to my first music festival yesterday. It was raining on and off all day which was a little annoying (resulting in packing ponchos in and out two million times during the day), but then I thought that might have been nicer than being surrounded by thousands of sweaty people on a 35-degree day. Lots of people showed up in onesies and wetsuits, however the wind and rain didn't stop at least half the girls from wearing hotpants and singlets and the guys from running around shirtless in their boardies. I had a sweater and a windbreaker on and got an extra shiver looking at my festival fellows - it was like a half winter, half summer music festival thrown together. Plus all the teletubbies and animals of course.

Sarah and I didn't manage to print out a proper planner so we went old school with a handwritten timetable. All acts we saw were amazing (Little Dragon, Santigold, Digitalism, MSTRKRFT, Adrian Lux - omg he's such a babe too), and Lykke Li was the perfect closing act - I hope she comes back to Sydney soon; her show made me wanna get new speakers and dream and dance to her music all day. Would've loved to see Gossip and Duck Sauce too!

Looking forward to what's coming up this summer. And to what they wear when it's actual 35 degrees.

PS: sorry for the low quality photos - didn't wanna torture my slr with the ugly weather and myself with having to take care of it. But it was all about the fun anyway - I don't think anyone really looks at concert photos again, including myself.

*Lykke Li - Youth Knows No Pain

*Adrian Lux - Teenage Crime

*MSTRKRFT - Heartbreaker (Laidback Luke remix)

*Little Dragon - Ritual Union

*Santigold - Go

*Digitalism - Blitz

Sunday, 25 September 2011


A few shots of our (revamped!) place I took today. It's the last day off before the new term starts - so not ready at all. Sorry I've been MIA for almost the whole term break! Probably my most productive term break so far (sorry last term break I was busy celebrating my birthday) - besides working and hanging out with old friends and making new ones, I managed to tick off quite a few points from my to-do list for this holiday:

  • Repainting coffee table
  • Buying arm chairs - finally it feels like a real living room!
  • Seeing family, especially my new beautiful cousin Helena
  • Op-shopping - heaps of new/old table ware, clothes and accessories. Really got into Geri Hirsch's turban tutorial, you will catch me wearing one out most of the time now as I managed to buy 3 scarves haha.

So that's actually not that much ticked off then, because I planned to bring stuff that I don't wear to Salvos and Vinnies, make jewelry and clean up the sunroom too, which I haven't got to yet, mostly because there's still so much stuff of Polly and Phong in there. I've been lazy with taking pictures too for some reason, although now that I think about it I spent most of my free time at the beach, which is nothing too new anyway. The weather has been amazing, I've been out tanning so many times already and have even gone for a swim. I see the northern hemisphere having teardrops run down their cheek. It's ok, next year it'll be your turn again. *patting your back*

*Other new favourites from this term break:

I just realised that I got paint in my hair. And that I haven't bought any note pads for uni. And that I haven't washed that stain out of some of my school pants. And I haven't checked out my new Donna Hay cook book I just got yesterday either. Term break why do you always have to be so short?