Saturday, 17 December 2011


I haven't been on my blog for so long it almost feels weird already! Sorry for being MIA for the past couple of months - I had things on all the time and haven't really been taken many photos, so I got a little lazy. You know how there's always something to do but nothing really significant, you feel busy but you're not supposed to be? Anyway, that's my excuse for spending more time on tumblr instead, I guess because it requires less brain work. (See what I've been up to on that one last piece of cake and nightlightsaver)

But yesterday was our last exam, and it's finally holidays! Started it off with an extended 6-hour eating-and-drinking session from Hemingway's over to Jah Bar; more activities and festivities are lining up from today onwards and I know it's gonna be a mad pre-Christmas week. Lots to do for Christmas too - wrapping presents (I've been efficient this year and have pretty much finished my Christmas shopping, just waiting for some last deliveries!), making and writing Christmas cards, baking until my oven gives up, which reminds me that I actually have to get more baking utensils first. Some inspirations for this festive season:

  • This month's Gourmet Traveller, with recipes from Bar H's Hamish Ingham and The Fat Duck's Heston Blumenthal (green tea choc truffles! Date, fig and apple chutney! Potted duck!), and Donna Hay Magazine, with this amazing Christmas cookie box

  • Simple hand-drawn Christmas cards

  • Summery decoration

So, I'll be off to my favourite Manly Market now (if you read this this morning and you're around you should not miss it, because it's only once a month and super rad! See you at the primary school), but before I leave I probably should write a quick to-buy/to-do list, otherwise I'll just run around town buying stuff that don't need to be bought, doing stuff that don't need to be done (I got books from the library lying around that need to be returned, gift cards that need to be redeemed, I even bought the wrong light bulb for my night lamp yesterday because I keep forgetting to bring the blown one along). I'll be back with more christmassy things soon - enjoy your holidays x

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  1. Aw no... Read your comment a little too late. Didn't get the chance to drop by the markets.
    Is it on every 3rd Saturday of the month?

    Hope all your exams went well! :)

    The holiday was an amazing experience. Miss traveling dearly.
    There are so many lovely things I regret not buying from Charles and Keith! Been browsing the online store but unfortunately they don't stock the entire range... :(

    When did you go to Vietnam? I was there last year... Such a crazy place to live in.