Thursday, 15 March 2012


*At Infinity Sourdough Bakery

I loooove breakfast. More so going out for breakfast. Yes of course it's not hard at all to slice up an avocado and put it on toast at home, but it's the whole sitting-in-the-sun, having-amazing-espresso-coffee, having-the-choice-to-order-anything-you-want and people-watching-while-eating kinda deal that makes it such an exciting activity. And I never have avocado nor toast ready at home for brekkie anyway because most of the time I wouldn't get to them for the second time before they go bad/become stale/get mouldy. :(

So as the weekend is coming up again, hopefully the weather will stay nice for you (because I'm going to work so it doesn't really matter to me *sobs*) and maybe we can catch up for breakfast in Manly. (Well I work in the afternoon. You can go to the beach afterwards you lucky bastard!) If you prefer to avoid my company, here are four great breakfast spots that are a little different from the usual eggs on toast joints, which you can check out for yourself. I can't promise you won't run into me though.

1- Belgrave Cartel, where you get spoiled Italian style
Sometimes I wake up in the morning and the first thing that comes to my mind is their chicken schnitzel panini (with avocado, rocket, cheese and pesto mayo, OMG). I might even smell it too, that's how much I love it. Their Bircher muesli is my absolute favourite, and I'd smash a panini and the muesli in one go. Pasta of the day, tuna rissoles and corn fritters make it really hard to decide as well when you're super hungry. It's cosy and relaxed, and the mismatching tables and chairs just make you feel so much at home (well, that would be my home). Perfect little hideaway for a rainy day too. Plus little in-house art installation!

2- Infinity Sourdough Bakery, for a simple sunny morning
If you feel like something easy (such as my beloved avocado on toast, or in this case, avocado on sourdough), this is the place to be. Obviously their breads are the highlight (I remember bringing a loaf to my relatives' with some bruschetta and nobody could stop); add Little Marionette coffee and a sneaky little pastry and you're set. It's just off the Corso, but so quiet and calm that you'd just forget about the weekend hustle and bustle one street down from you. Bring a paper and soak up the sun!

3- Adriano Zumbo + Barefoot Coffee, for a fancy little one
Both couldn't have ever chosen better neighbours for themselves - it must've been fate. As much of a superstar Zumbo has become and I've kinda gotten over the macaron hype, you just can't deny that their sugarland is damn fantastic (although their bread and pies are really good too). Grab a croissant or a berry brioche (dessert for breakfast!) and pop next door to Barefoot, where they never - and I mean never - fail to deliver a perfect coffee. If you can't snatch a seat at the ever-busy cafe (where you can eat your Zumbo purchase too), head across the street to sit in the grass and watch the ferries and boats and stand-up paddleboarders.

4- Jah Bar, for an all-day fiesta
It's the real Spanish deal. No bacon and eggs, no salmon benedict, but tortillas and breakfast empanadas, and bloody marys and breakfast martinis, just to get the morning started (and to get you stay into the afternoon ha!). This would be the place to be on a lazy weekend, when you're in no hurry to get anywhere else and wouldn't mind getting some more friends in for an afternoon sangria. Or wine. Or cocktail. The morning menu is small but definitely different and beautiful (you know my opinion on Jah Bar food already), so if you're up for some fun, go!

By the way, what I mean by breakfast is "first meal of the day". Having breakfast past lunchtime is really no uncommon ritual for me. Just can't start your day without the morning coffee hey, whatever time it may be.


Monday, 12 March 2012


Stumbled upon this video on my tumblr dashboard, and I've fallen in love - with the whole concept really: "real", artisan food, great passion and fine skills, and wonderful aesthetics. Everything that requires such beautiful craftsmanship, whether food, drinks, or anything else, should be celebrated and enjoyed to the fullest. Not only is the whole world moving towards a healthier, more organic, more "home-made" life, but also do these amazing people - who are definitely gifted, but also are just as "familiar" as your mate or your neighbour - show that with enough passion, persistency and love for what you do, you can be successful too. I wanna become one of them.

Check out Tartine Bakery & Cafe (makes me wanna go to San Francisco!), and The Makers, which documents the daily life of wonderful craftsmen in Brooklyn, New York.

Sorry for the recent lack of personal posts and photos; I actually have been spending amazing times with amazing friends but keep forgetting my camera. Sad face.


Monday, 5 March 2012


1- Jeffrey Campbell Gomez, as seen on Solestruck
2- Swedish Hasbeens Duck Toe Sandal, as seen on Asos

Oh please come to me. Although I've been having very healthy relationships with several pairs of flat leather shoes since last year (with the latest addition of Shubar's Harmony) and am barely wear heels anymore, these two pairs have been floating around my mind, and are my desperate cry trying to hold on to a very moody Sydney summer, while slowly making friends with the idea of autumn being just around the corner. I'm staying faithful to my love for brown shoes too (well, almost). The weather is rather asking for something like this though.

Been listening to a lot of Black Keys and just finished reading Boozehound by Jason Wilson, and am feeling quite cultured and even a little autumny. The book explores the stories behind a number of "rare, obscure and overrated" spirits; we've learned about the basics at college but I myself have never worked in a bar before, so it was really really interesting to get an idea of what's behind those liquors and even build some expectations of what they should taste like. The best thing about the book is that the author tells you little stories about his journeys and tastings rather than just bluntly explaining the spirits, and moreover he has a pretty cool sense of humour. Can't go wrong with a bit of fun in books.

Kinda feel like a drink now. Something a little autumny.