Monday, 5 March 2012


1- Jeffrey Campbell Gomez, as seen on Solestruck
2- Swedish Hasbeens Duck Toe Sandal, as seen on Asos

Oh please come to me. Although I've been having very healthy relationships with several pairs of flat leather shoes since last year (with the latest addition of Shubar's Harmony) and am barely wear heels anymore, these two pairs have been floating around my mind, and are my desperate cry trying to hold on to a very moody Sydney summer, while slowly making friends with the idea of autumn being just around the corner. I'm staying faithful to my love for brown shoes too (well, almost). The weather is rather asking for something like this though.

Been listening to a lot of Black Keys and just finished reading Boozehound by Jason Wilson, and am feeling quite cultured and even a little autumny. The book explores the stories behind a number of "rare, obscure and overrated" spirits; we've learned about the basics at college but I myself have never worked in a bar before, so it was really really interesting to get an idea of what's behind those liquors and even build some expectations of what they should taste like. The best thing about the book is that the author tells you little stories about his journeys and tastings rather than just bluntly explaining the spirits, and moreover he has a pretty cool sense of humour. Can't go wrong with a bit of fun in books.

Kinda feel like a drink now. Something a little autumny.

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