Monday, 12 March 2012


Stumbled upon this video on my tumblr dashboard, and I've fallen in love - with the whole concept really: "real", artisan food, great passion and fine skills, and wonderful aesthetics. Everything that requires such beautiful craftsmanship, whether food, drinks, or anything else, should be celebrated and enjoyed to the fullest. Not only is the whole world moving towards a healthier, more organic, more "home-made" life, but also do these amazing people - who are definitely gifted, but also are just as "familiar" as your mate or your neighbour - show that with enough passion, persistency and love for what you do, you can be successful too. I wanna become one of them.

Check out Tartine Bakery & Cafe (makes me wanna go to San Francisco!), and The Makers, which documents the daily life of wonderful craftsmen in Brooklyn, New York.

Sorry for the recent lack of personal posts and photos; I actually have been spending amazing times with amazing friends but keep forgetting my camera. Sad face.


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