Saturday, 27 August 2011


As you have probably seen on my Facebook wall, I've been posting tons of lost and forgotten polaroid photos from my phone on to my nightlightsaver tumblr. I hope you enjoy the fresh look - I figured it was time to make it easier to navigate through that web of huge, shit quality pictures.

Gotta run to work - have a lovely weekend folks x

Thursday, 25 August 2011


Urge Lucy brogues; Wittner Van peeptoes; Sportsgirl Marley mocassins; Shubar Bridie boots

Polly and I "set up" our shoes in the corridor (in two lines, which extend into the living room, and usually lose their shape a few days after arranging them neatly); recently I've been taking more and more pairs into my room, which is a sign that things are getting out of hand. I'll be revamping our crib this term break so I'll have to figure out what to do with our shoes. Probably give away a few pairs to start with.

So these pairs of brown leather shoes ended up in my room, and actually make nice decoration. Brown is one of my favourite colours and it's usually almost automatic that I choose brown over black, unless I have something specific in mind. They stand out, and have that sophisticated but unpolished look. Especially when a guy at college breaks the rule and wears brown shoes with his business attire - pretty cool.

Other current likes and inspirations:
* Chanel Jade nail polish
* Barrio Chino's pork belly + wasabi crema tacos
* My new inspiration tumblr that one last piece of cake - I couldn't resist the reblogging anymore; too many beautiful things floating around on the net.

Off to studying for Economics now - two more exams to go, wish me luck.

Wednesday, 24 August 2011


Hand-me-down men's shirt, tailored suit pants, Nixon Cannon men's watch

Probably one of my favourite combinations for college - it's quite amazing how well blue and brown go together. Big fan of actual men's shirts on girls too, way cooler than girls' boyfriend shirts (as in loose-cut girls' shirts; I figured my description might be a bit confusing).

A few days after discovering this colour combo I saw a post with this and this on The Sartorialist - just reinforcing its coolness I guess.

Friday, 19 August 2011


Hemingway's lunchtime pulled pork sandwich with vinegar chips. And of course a latte and lunchtime Hendrick's Gin. Kidding.

Sandwiches and coffees are consumed anytime before dinner here. Which is cool, because it's quick and fun, and still has this relaxed feel to it, probably because it reminds one of sitting-on-the-street-people-watching brunching. Although for brunch we'd most likely have a bigger meal, but you get my point.

So Down Under they're really into their sandwiches, and I love all their adorably yum creations such as pulled pork and apple chutney, chicken and cranberry, pancetta and egg, et cetera et cetera, because it like a whole meal squeezed onto bread (and often times also falling off your bread). There's always rocket leaves on sandwiches, and how good is avocado on toast? Coffee is a big thing too here; you're actually pretty cool running a coffee shop, and almost uncool already not running around with a coffee in the morning.

Random side story, but since we've mentioned Hemingway's: I was just sitting at Jah Bar tonight having some wine and a quick dinner (after a long day of HOTS individual cycling and not making that much money, and chasing other deadlines) when the Hemingway boys came in and were sat next to me (I know they didn't want to, and neither did I). I go there all the time for my weekly dose of booze and now they've found out they're not the only one. But they know their position in my heart - Paul asked: "So what's your second favourite place in Manly?". Too charming.


So I think it was Wednesday when I stayed at college all day long to finish my last assignments that were due on Thursday. I didn't finish until around 10 at night (I actually hadn't finished, I just thought it was time to go home and I'd manage finishing the papers at home), and was mind-wreckingly hungry. All takeaway shops were pretty much closed (even McDonald's in Manly closes at like what, 10pm on weekday nights?), and it was way too late and way too stressful to sit down alone at some restaurant - I mean, I do that sometimes, but not at 10; people would think I'm a friendless alcoholic. And of course who would bother making food at that hour of the night? (I refuse to buy instant noodles because I know I'd get addicted, and I'd very soon have pimples all over my face.)

I was craving for a hot bowl of rice and chicken à la Jipang, or a $10 Ivanhoe steak, or even a juicy Benbry burger. I just wished there had been a place open late into the night, especially half way through the term when all those assignments are due and exams are coming up, serving some quick, hot, filling dishes (not like fat-free sushi or dry and flaky meat pies, which are actually pretty awesome after a night out). You'd most likely bump into so fellas from college there, and you'd have a chat about the Economics exam or the Contemporary Issues journal article over a beer and a steaming dish of awesome something.

Think home made student food (man Polly's and my student food is pretty dope. Pastas and stirfries of the finest quality), open kitchen, bar stools, a nice selection of beers and wines for the poor student to calm down after/before their nervous breakdown, funky but quiet crowd, meeting up for a healthy late night dinner. It would even work for hospitality people who don't finish work until even Coles is closed.

Anyone seeing the potential? I'm giving away a free business idea here, please can someone hear our desperate cry for a midnight meal? If not maybe I should be jumping in after I finish my degree.

Something very ironic happened when I was just about to start writing - our neighbour from downstairs came up and offered some free Thai takeaway because they delivered the wrong meals and he doesn't eat meat. Wish there were more Friday nights like this.

And what I did on Wednesday night? I went to Coles for some butter chicken. Meh.

Our hangover chicken avocado sandwich (with Brie cheese!). Would work on exam nights as well.


I know everyone's been waiting for these very eagerly. Sorry for the delay.

This was the final dinner for our Contemporary Leadership course, which turned out to be preeeetty fun. If this spirit keeps up our End of Term dinner is gonna be the fricken shiiiet.
We all had to do a community service project for our assessment, and film it. I remember how I was sitting there, 2 hours before due time, using iMovie for the first time, hoping that I wouldn't mess up the whole affair. And we won second prize, how sick is that? I got a new pair of shoes with my gift card.

Again congratulations guys, I hope you'll lead the way!


Wednesday, 17 August 2011


My Nixon Cannon; bracelets from Asos, Manly Crafts market and Tamara's heels (yes, it was a shoe lace before).

Tuesday, 16 August 2011


Just a little procrastination during highly stressful assignment sessions.

A beautifully cosy home which is always flooded with sunlight, just the way I like it. I felt the urge of taking photos from the first day I visited.
In case you're wondering, those were Adriano Zumbo pastries we had for breakfast. I was craving raisin snails - well, I call them snails.

Been feeling very inspired these days; I can't wait for term break when I will only have to share my photo and blogging time with work, eating and sleeping. I could even skip some sleep for that.

Click here to check out The Makers photography!


Thursday, 11 August 2011


Three weeks to go! I'm actually struggling with pacing myself to finish my last assignments; a few super warm days last week deceived us all into thinking that summer was coming back (in the middle of winter, yeah right.), so I was running around in tank tops and flip flops and therefore successfully caught a cold. BUT I'm working on this really cool research paper on fashion blogging (not that we study about this in hospitality management though; it's an English class for our business degree, and we got to choose our own topics), and actually need your help! I'll sincerely appreciate it if you could devote 10 minutes of your time to do this survey so I can use it as my primary research for my article. I'm really excited to read about your opinions, and thanks a million to those who take their time to fill out the questionaire. :)

A few projects for this blog coming up soon, one (hopefully) very soon so watch this space guys!

And last but not least, again happy birthday to my darling lover Polly, with whom I had a pretty funny night last night. We reminisced about our time when we were the fearless, crazy, inseparable duo, throwing sick birthday parties, painting Manly red on weekend (and sometimes weekday) nights, and pretty much being siamese twins. We might have had a few glasses of wine too many and played our music too loud, but all in all it was a perfect birthday.

Sexy green tea + lemon icing birthday cupcakes. Recipe here - I was a bit sad that I didn't taste the green tea though.

Wednesday, 3 August 2011


There are phases in life that are so eventless and go so slow that they could even make you feel stressed about it, and then there are times when things move so fast you're kind of doing everything unconsciously.

Then something unexpected happens, and you feel so grateful that it reminded or inspired you to do something which you know you might regret it if you don't.

Here I am, rushing to finish this college term while trying to make some time for a bit of work and fun; thoughts come into my mind every now and then, but I get dragged along with whatever I'm doing, and think they can wait. Maybe they might not even be relevant anymore tomorrow! But last night, I've finally put together the last pieces to fully understand that one lesson learned - unexpectedly, but gladly; and that's why I'm writing today, to remind me that there is something I need to do which I thought of before but believed it was alright to delay it, before I might not get the chance to do it anymore.

And now back to work.