Friday, 19 August 2011


So I think it was Wednesday when I stayed at college all day long to finish my last assignments that were due on Thursday. I didn't finish until around 10 at night (I actually hadn't finished, I just thought it was time to go home and I'd manage finishing the papers at home), and was mind-wreckingly hungry. All takeaway shops were pretty much closed (even McDonald's in Manly closes at like what, 10pm on weekday nights?), and it was way too late and way too stressful to sit down alone at some restaurant - I mean, I do that sometimes, but not at 10; people would think I'm a friendless alcoholic. And of course who would bother making food at that hour of the night? (I refuse to buy instant noodles because I know I'd get addicted, and I'd very soon have pimples all over my face.)

I was craving for a hot bowl of rice and chicken à la Jipang, or a $10 Ivanhoe steak, or even a juicy Benbry burger. I just wished there had been a place open late into the night, especially half way through the term when all those assignments are due and exams are coming up, serving some quick, hot, filling dishes (not like fat-free sushi or dry and flaky meat pies, which are actually pretty awesome after a night out). You'd most likely bump into so fellas from college there, and you'd have a chat about the Economics exam or the Contemporary Issues journal article over a beer and a steaming dish of awesome something.

Think home made student food (man Polly's and my student food is pretty dope. Pastas and stirfries of the finest quality), open kitchen, bar stools, a nice selection of beers and wines for the poor student to calm down after/before their nervous breakdown, funky but quiet crowd, meeting up for a healthy late night dinner. It would even work for hospitality people who don't finish work until even Coles is closed.

Anyone seeing the potential? I'm giving away a free business idea here, please can someone hear our desperate cry for a midnight meal? If not maybe I should be jumping in after I finish my degree.

Something very ironic happened when I was just about to start writing - our neighbour from downstairs came up and offered some free Thai takeaway because they delivered the wrong meals and he doesn't eat meat. Wish there were more Friday nights like this.

And what I did on Wednesday night? I went to Coles for some butter chicken. Meh.

Our hangover chicken avocado sandwich (with Brie cheese!). Would work on exam nights as well.


  1. Haha I like your business idea.
    Where I went to uni there was a place right next to a couple of bars/clubs which sold chips and gravy till wayyy late into the night. When I went out there a couple of weeks ago we got some diirrrtttyy food from there at 2am. It's the best, and pretty satisfying when you've had a fair bit to drink.
    Your chicken and avocado sandwich looks way healthier though, i bet it was delish.
    Pretty funny that I was reading this as I was eating my butter chicken for dinner. Wow it tasted good. But I'm full :|

  2. If you come to America EVERYTHING is open late!! We have 24 hour food places everywhere...plan your visit now!