Friday, 19 August 2011


Hemingway's lunchtime pulled pork sandwich with vinegar chips. And of course a latte and lunchtime Hendrick's Gin. Kidding.

Sandwiches and coffees are consumed anytime before dinner here. Which is cool, because it's quick and fun, and still has this relaxed feel to it, probably because it reminds one of sitting-on-the-street-people-watching brunching. Although for brunch we'd most likely have a bigger meal, but you get my point.

So Down Under they're really into their sandwiches, and I love all their adorably yum creations such as pulled pork and apple chutney, chicken and cranberry, pancetta and egg, et cetera et cetera, because it like a whole meal squeezed onto bread (and often times also falling off your bread). There's always rocket leaves on sandwiches, and how good is avocado on toast? Coffee is a big thing too here; you're actually pretty cool running a coffee shop, and almost uncool already not running around with a coffee in the morning.

Random side story, but since we've mentioned Hemingway's: I was just sitting at Jah Bar tonight having some wine and a quick dinner (after a long day of HOTS individual cycling and not making that much money, and chasing other deadlines) when the Hemingway boys came in and were sat next to me (I know they didn't want to, and neither did I). I go there all the time for my weekly dose of booze and now they've found out they're not the only one. But they know their position in my heart - Paul asked: "So what's your second favourite place in Manly?". Too charming.


  1. Yup! Who ever think that you can have avocado on toast is brilliant!

  2. Tony Biancos are amazing! The new collection is super hot; though the heels are so high!
    Which pair did you get :D?
    I've never been to Manly for coffee or lunch; should definitely give it a try, what are some good places you'd recommend?

  3. Staple Tony Biancos are always great. I agree, though now that I think of it, the higher ones are the nicer ones lol low heels just don't look as good anymore.
    Hugo's sounds awesome; Love a good cocktail !
    Yeah we should, Manly is such a nice place. It's a pity I hardly go there.
    Thanks for the ideas on where to go xx

  4. The food looks delicious, making me hungry despite just eating haha =)