Friday, 17 June 2011


Tailored blazer and suit pants, Mango shirt, Zara knit v-neck (I have 50 of them. Jokes), Clarks leather low-heel flats, bracelets from Asos and Manly Crafts market

I know that real business attire should be colour matching, but at uni I allow myself to mix up my blazers and bottoms sometimes. I'm quite fond of wearing grey and navy - both are classic formal attire colours but look much hipper and "younger" than black, and worn together they magically go with shirts or tops of literally any colour. Trust me, I've already tried: yellow, green, black, white, beige, baby blue, red, hot pink, baby pink, pale turquoise (just trying to think of the colours of all the tops I've worn to uni)... you name it. Don't have anything purple but my imagination says ok as well.

It's gotten colder here in Sydney (ha-ha, the Northern Hemisphere says), so my collection of v-necks has finally come into use this year. Again, the shirt/v-neck combo is such a cool classic and I have no idea why it didn't come to my mind last winter; I was only going to work for my internship and not to school, but I could've gone out in that and jeans, which I can't stop doing now. The baby blue shirt (as already worn here) and purple-ishy bordeaux v-neck I was wearing today gave my mismatched suit a bit of a retro feel, without looking like I had a million colours on.

College is fricken busy this term (something I keep saying every term, but this time it's fo real), so I have to get my act together and start getting ready for the battle this weekend. That's what I keep saying every term too...

Happy weekend loves x

*Thanks Phong for taking the photos :)

Wednesday, 15 June 2011


It was Monday, Queen's birthday, overcast and therefore dead quiet in the city. Normally public holidays/long weekends here are heaps hectic but winter is currently dominating Sydney so I guess everyone opted for hibernating instead.

Getting out of Manly for a day was a good change. Surry Hills and Darlinghurst have this little bit of magic that makes you feel restless wandering through their web of lanes and alleys, and keeps you coming back for more. Although it kind of drained me - I must have taken that gloomy city mood home with me; I had an uneasy sleep and woke up to a blurry day. But I'm probably just trying to blame those innocent suburbs for my shit day. I must apologise now that I look at your beauty I was trying hard to capture yesterday.

Listening to my favourite devo playlist and to myself, I know for sure tonight's sleep will be much tighter.

And my hand in that last photo looks abnormally massive. Please ignore.

Friday, 10 June 2011


Mango shirt, Zara knit v-neck, tailored suit

I felt quite bright at college the other day wearing hot pink and baby blue with my light grey suit. I wish my brain was always as enthusiastic as what I rock up at school in.


One of the cool things about going to a business college is that you get to wear business attire. Maybe most of the locals found it quite lame as they had to wear uniform at school, but our college has recently freed us from the uniform suits and allows us to wear our own now. Which is hot - don't we all love guys in suits? And we girls are quite lucky with our endless options of pants and skirts and blazers and shirts and blouses and heels and god knows what else. I myself am quite into blazers and suit pants when it comes to fashion anyway, so it suits me ha.

So after a few (short) weeks of break it was time to get the awesomeness ready again. (Barney from How I Met Your Mother says suits are awesome so they are. End of discussion.)

One of my tailored suits and shirts. Good thing to be Asian. 

(Agent Ninetynine canvas bag. This was only for day one though. Can't afford to run around with such a small bag at college; I'd be carrying all my shit and probably fall over) 

As for stationery, I just got a few 70 cents notebooks from Coles (we already think in a very economical way hey Nicola) and recycled my massive orange folder that I haven't been using since term 1 (considering that I'm in term 6 now, that's been sitting in the box collecting dust for quite some time. And illustrates how organised the other terms were). Speaking of recycling, my pencil case is one of my Sabre cases. I friggen have to stop losing my sunnies.

Wednesday, 8 June 2011


1- Catching up with some reading in bed with my favourite chocolate

2- Reorganise my wardrobe

3- Stroll around Manly Food and Wine Festival

4- Join Irina's crew's barbecue

(Sorry at the barbecue everyone was too busy eating so we didn't take proper pictures)

5- Go see George at Hemingway's with the girls
Again sorry it was too dark there to take photos - I'll make more effort next time because it's my new favourite bar in Manly; it's in the process of becoming Irina's and my local hangout spot.

It was an adorable summer-like Sunday and I couldn't believe the new term started the next day; the holidays were just way too short. The annual Food and Wine Festival had quite a bit of luck with the weather though, and I had great fun people-watching and enjoying the amazing artists playing all over the streets - check [b][l][o][o][m][i][n][g] [s][u][n][d][a][y] for more photos!


You know you don't wanna say no if I do happen to invite you over for a morning meal.