Wednesday, 8 June 2011


1- Catching up with some reading in bed with my favourite chocolate

2- Reorganise my wardrobe

3- Stroll around Manly Food and Wine Festival

4- Join Irina's crew's barbecue

(Sorry at the barbecue everyone was too busy eating so we didn't take proper pictures)

5- Go see George at Hemingway's with the girls
Again sorry it was too dark there to take photos - I'll make more effort next time because it's my new favourite bar in Manly; it's in the process of becoming Irina's and my local hangout spot.

It was an adorable summer-like Sunday and I couldn't believe the new term started the next day; the holidays were just way too short. The annual Food and Wine Festival had quite a bit of luck with the weather though, and I had great fun people-watching and enjoying the amazing artists playing all over the streets - check [b][l][o][o][m][i][n][g] [s][u][n][d][a][y] for more photos!

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