Wednesday, 15 June 2011


It was Monday, Queen's birthday, overcast and therefore dead quiet in the city. Normally public holidays/long weekends here are heaps hectic but winter is currently dominating Sydney so I guess everyone opted for hibernating instead.

Getting out of Manly for a day was a good change. Surry Hills and Darlinghurst have this little bit of magic that makes you feel restless wandering through their web of lanes and alleys, and keeps you coming back for more. Although it kind of drained me - I must have taken that gloomy city mood home with me; I had an uneasy sleep and woke up to a blurry day. But I'm probably just trying to blame those innocent suburbs for my shit day. I must apologise now that I look at your beauty I was trying hard to capture yesterday.

Listening to my favourite devo playlist and to myself, I know for sure tonight's sleep will be much tighter.

And my hand in that last photo looks abnormally massive. Please ignore.

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