Thursday, 10 November 2011


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"PUBLIC, conceived by Ian Schrager, is an entirely new class of hotel. Its fundamental attributes are innovative, sophisticated, authentic style; spot-on, personalized, empathic "essential" service; lasting comfort with complete functionality, all at an affordable price and offering tremendous value. For the first time, this type of hotel experience will be available for everyone and anyone who wants it."

Uhm, I say, swooned. Yes, at the design because it's super chic with its sleek interior (how cool are the bright green details in the lobby and restaurant? However not a very big fan of the minimal bedrooms), but then even more at the hotel concept. It's the best of the luxury, boutique and select services worlds - stylish, personal but just where it matters and not in-your-face, and affordable. It seems to be very quality-focused, fresh and fun and nothing too crazy which would make you want to come back again and again. Ian Schrager just happens to get it right. Again. Probably all the time.

That man has pretty amazing taste - check out his website and have a look at all his work. I really enjoy his idea of business; whatever the theme might be, it's always playful, sexy and super social. You want your people to have a bangin' time every time they visit, and visit often, don't you?

Oh I say yes. And I'll be following your lead, Mr Schrager.


  1. This is stunning! Love the idea of making such hotel experience affordable for everyone!
    Come on, you will make it. Schrager's girl! :)

  2. I'm definitely buying this interior, would love to stay there if I'm ever in Chicago.
    May give them a try next time I'm in Manly. But yeah definitely should grab brunch or something! Are you in the midst of your exams?
    I was in Bondi today, the weather was perfect for a good tan! I'm from the inner west so no beaches around me sadly :(