Monday, 3 October 2011


I mainly went for Little Dragon and Lykke Li, but yes, finally I made it to my first music festival yesterday. It was raining on and off all day which was a little annoying (resulting in packing ponchos in and out two million times during the day), but then I thought that might have been nicer than being surrounded by thousands of sweaty people on a 35-degree day. Lots of people showed up in onesies and wetsuits, however the wind and rain didn't stop at least half the girls from wearing hotpants and singlets and the guys from running around shirtless in their boardies. I had a sweater and a windbreaker on and got an extra shiver looking at my festival fellows - it was like a half winter, half summer music festival thrown together. Plus all the teletubbies and animals of course.

Sarah and I didn't manage to print out a proper planner so we went old school with a handwritten timetable. All acts we saw were amazing (Little Dragon, Santigold, Digitalism, MSTRKRFT, Adrian Lux - omg he's such a babe too), and Lykke Li was the perfect closing act - I hope she comes back to Sydney soon; her show made me wanna get new speakers and dream and dance to her music all day. Would've loved to see Gossip and Duck Sauce too!

Looking forward to what's coming up this summer. And to what they wear when it's actual 35 degrees.

PS: sorry for the low quality photos - didn't wanna torture my slr with the ugly weather and myself with having to take care of it. But it was all about the fun anyway - I don't think anyone really looks at concert photos again, including myself.

*Lykke Li - Youth Knows No Pain

*Adrian Lux - Teenage Crime

*MSTRKRFT - Heartbreaker (Laidback Luke remix)

*Little Dragon - Ritual Union

*Santigold - Go

*Digitalism - Blitz

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  1. tumblring your photos! They are awesome!!
    thanks girl!!!
    looks like a funny time. I wish I was there!