Sunday, 25 September 2011


A few shots of our (revamped!) place I took today. It's the last day off before the new term starts - so not ready at all. Sorry I've been MIA for almost the whole term break! Probably my most productive term break so far (sorry last term break I was busy celebrating my birthday) - besides working and hanging out with old friends and making new ones, I managed to tick off quite a few points from my to-do list for this holiday:

  • Repainting coffee table
  • Buying arm chairs - finally it feels like a real living room!
  • Seeing family, especially my new beautiful cousin Helena
  • Op-shopping - heaps of new/old table ware, clothes and accessories. Really got into Geri Hirsch's turban tutorial, you will catch me wearing one out most of the time now as I managed to buy 3 scarves haha.

So that's actually not that much ticked off then, because I planned to bring stuff that I don't wear to Salvos and Vinnies, make jewelry and clean up the sunroom too, which I haven't got to yet, mostly because there's still so much stuff of Polly and Phong in there. I've been lazy with taking pictures too for some reason, although now that I think about it I spent most of my free time at the beach, which is nothing too new anyway. The weather has been amazing, I've been out tanning so many times already and have even gone for a swim. I see the northern hemisphere having teardrops run down their cheek. It's ok, next year it'll be your turn again. *patting your back*

*Other new favourites from this term break:

I just realised that I got paint in my hair. And that I haven't bought any note pads for uni. And that I haven't washed that stain out of some of my school pants. And I haven't checked out my new Donna Hay cook book I just got yesterday either. Term break why do you always have to be so short?

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