Friday, 1 July 2011


I've always thought of doing something to my bedroom walls; before we weren't sure if we were gonna move out, but now that we're staying in this apartment until we finish uni I just had to put an end to my bludging. I love collecting photographs and ads from magazines and spending hours looking at pretty stuff, but the thought of doing that and then school work and house work and actually deciding what to do first exhausts me, so I usually opt for staying in bed with my computer and do nothing. The fear of not having enough time for everything leads to wasting all of it... Anyway, off topic. Polly already has a photo wall in her room so I decided to go for, well, pretty much a physical tumblr collection.

No, I never make my bed.

Again off topic, but I love all those "What's in my bag" blog posts or articles - I know it's weird, but for us girls in some way it's always exciting to explore others' daily "friends". Nothing amazing in my own bag though, but I thought I could do a "What's on my bedside table" post instead; well at least it's somehow related to my new wall.

My little Nikon USB stick from Cynthia

Love how all the July issues look super festive - feels quite a bit like Christmas! Borrowed this book from our college library, can't wait to dive into it.

Matryoshkas from Polina

A card for my mum that was meant to be sent for Mother's Day, and Irina's hot water bottle to get through the winter (without heaters!)

My Nixon headphones/ear warmers

Have a lovely weekend everyone x

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