Thursday, 21 July 2011


It feels like it's been 2,000 years since I last posted something. The past few weeks have been the most hectic ever, with assignments after assignments due, quizzes after quizzes, and work squeezed in between anywhere possible. I've been coming home pretty much only to sleep, or to keep working on my papers. This term's subjects are so demanding, and although in some way I enjoy knowing that I'm pushing myself and that I'm getting quite a bit out of this term, I can't wait for it to end either. After all we're already in week 7 - only over a month to go until holidays!

Well, all that stress hasn't left much time for anything else, so there's nothing new to tell really. It's freeeezing in Sydney now, and as we're right at the water in Manly it's probably even colder and windier here. Hoping to update my wardrobe a little after my tax claim, and although I don't smell too much money coming my way, I really need to get some black boots to go to uni in. Sometimes I sit in class in my heels and my feet get so cold that I don't understand what the teacher says anymore. And then it's been raining cats and dogs for the past few days as well, bummer.

Despite all the misery I still try to find some joy in the day (such as walking against the wind every morning with Polly, making money with our imaginary but super time-consuming hotel that we're running for one of our courses, going out for nice food - Ms G's crossed off the list!, and all the stuff I listed above), and I'm so glad that I finally get to relax a little tonight and have time tomorrow after class for big clean-up; especially my room looks like a bombside with books and paperwork all over the place. Oh and guess what - I managed to get tickets for Polly and me to one of the two Jason Mraz shows at the Opera House this November! Fricken unreal.

Pretty sweet not having to worry about tomorrow for a change. x

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