Wednesday, 6 July 2011


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So it was Benny's birthday dinner on Monday, and I thought making a cake for him would be nice (for both him and me, as I haven't baked anything for ages. Actually that was a lie, I made clafoutis the other week). My inner Jamie Oliver (haha) awoke when I saw this ad and I knew it had to be a layered chocolate cake this year - last year I got him a layered cake from the 24/7 bakery on the Corso, so I've managed to create a tradition too.

(and the ad is for my camera too - it was just meant to be, you know.)

I found this recipe for a very lovely chocolate sponge that rose tall enough for three layers (I think my spring form is 25cm), and was firm enough to cut up without any problems - if I had messed up the base that night I would've probably had no choice but to go to the bakery for the same cake as last year again. Poached some cherries in shiraz, sugar and allspice berries, melted some dark chocolate (actually I put melted chocolate into the sponge as well, instead of cocoa!) and whipped a hell lotta cream, and this was the result. By the way, speaking of whipped cream - Chuck, I think you must have thrown out one of the beaters of my egg mixer after whipping cream for pancakes on my birthday. Bit time consuming to beat stuff with only one beater, but thank god I still got one, else I would've cried.

Kay gotta go finish my assignments. Ugh no! *stomping with my feet*

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  1. Clafoutis,What else ?
    Well that cake look amazingly Awesome ...