Behind Suited Up and Barefoot

I have always enjoyed writing. Prior to blogging, I'd been writing diaries since elementary school (oh boy those were funny stories. I have to find those hidden treasures next time I'm back home) - everything started with me enjoying the idea of keeping secrets in a lockable book. It became a place to store memories that I never wanted to forget, evolving into a means to clear my head, to free me from confusion.

The internet brought blogging, which came with an audience. I was in my teenage years, sharing lyrics, photos of the new boyfriend, Christmas wish lists and celebrity crushes with my friends. Yahoo! 360 shut down and also closed my chapter of puberty randomness.

I stopped blogging for quite some time, and eventually decided to start over with [b][l][o][o][m][i][n][g] [s][u][n][d][a][y], which I revamped several times during its few years of existence. First it was still a very personal blog (however less immature ha), but with my growing love for photography (although I am nowhere close to professional) and interest in design, dining and cooking, fashion and pretty much anything funky and cool :) I decided to move over to some kind of lifestyle blogging. Inspired by blogs such as Cupcakes and Cashmere, We Live Young and 6 Minutes Overtime, I wrote about more general happenings in life that might have interested some like-minded people and focused more on my photography.

Being a very emotional kind of person, I have learned very early to figure out how I work and pretty much know myself inside out; doesn't prevent me from doing silly things sometimes, but it's good to know the reasons behind. Anyway - I'm that type of girl that is success-driven, hates failing or knowing that she could've done better, and loves working with people. At the same time I can be a seriously lazy bum that wants to sleep in, wake up and keep staying in bed, run around with messy hair and without shoes (ok, only in summer), listen to music, take photos all day and let my soul wander. I tried to think of how to incorporate all that into my blogging (with first pushes from Lisa America and Fredrik - thanks a million!) and came up with Suited Up and Barefoot - it's still me like on [b][l][o][o][m][i][n][g] [s][u][n][d][a][y], but reflected through my two different sides, and maybe a bit more daring, outspoken, and, well, hopefully a bit more interesting to read and follow.

Just because I don't think we always have to choose one.

Contact me for any questions, photography or just to show me some love - any support from you is greatly appreciated!