Tuesday, 24 April 2012


[All photos from The Pig Hotel]

What are you, a dream?

So I was browsing the web last night (as I do most nights) and found this amazing amazing amazing hotel on Kinfolk, or well, as they say, "restaurant with rooms". The restaurant sets its menu based on what's coming from the garden, which means that it could change several times during the day, and shit did you see what the place looks like? That rustic, comfy, elegant vibe is just soooo british. Let me put on my imaginary Burberry trench coat and Hunter boots and book my flight there already.

As you may know already, I'm a huge fan of boutique hotels (see my rave about The Public Chicago), and although it depends much on the location what you can do and provide with/at your establishment, this is the ultimate concept isn't it - small number of rooms, imperfectly beautiful and comfortable, providing only essential facilities but rockin' dining and entertainment. Oh when will this day come for me...

For more drooling over The Pig Hotel, click here!

Sorry for being absent for a while again, been busy busy busy at college, been at work too, but most of my free time I've been sleeping and doing nothing heaps because it's been on and off hot and cold. That must've kinda messed with my active/lazy switch - but I'm back again now! x

(Update: The Pig Hotel has extended, now running a second boutique hotel and opening a beach venue in 2013. Check their website www.thepighotel.com for the ultimate drool)

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