Friday, 10 June 2011


One of the cool things about going to a business college is that you get to wear business attire. Maybe most of the locals found it quite lame as they had to wear uniform at school, but our college has recently freed us from the uniform suits and allows us to wear our own now. Which is hot - don't we all love guys in suits? And we girls are quite lucky with our endless options of pants and skirts and blazers and shirts and blouses and heels and god knows what else. I myself am quite into blazers and suit pants when it comes to fashion anyway, so it suits me ha.

So after a few (short) weeks of break it was time to get the awesomeness ready again. (Barney from How I Met Your Mother says suits are awesome so they are. End of discussion.)

One of my tailored suits and shirts. Good thing to be Asian. 

(Agent Ninetynine canvas bag. This was only for day one though. Can't afford to run around with such a small bag at college; I'd be carrying all my shit and probably fall over) 

As for stationery, I just got a few 70 cents notebooks from Coles (we already think in a very economical way hey Nicola) and recycled my massive orange folder that I haven't been using since term 1 (considering that I'm in term 6 now, that's been sitting in the box collecting dust for quite some time. And illustrates how organised the other terms were). Speaking of recycling, my pencil case is one of my Sabre cases. I friggen have to stop losing my sunnies.

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