Monday, 12 September 2011



In the two years I've been here I'd never sat down at Opera Bar until yesterday. When Tamara and I were on our way I thought ha, this again is most likely a really touristy spot where a whole lot of foreigners sit and gaze at the Opera House and the Bridge (which I get to see from the ferry every day I go to work) and get ripped off for their drinks. Well, I ended up sitting there gazing at the Opera House and the Bridge too, with a whole lot of other locals. And they didn't even rip us off for our drinks.

Recently I've been feeling very grateful to be here; Sydney Harbour is just so amazing no matter how often you get through or see it, and Manly is probably one of the coolest places in the world to live - what else can you want besides five beaches, meals and drinks at the water and in the sun, and living at the speed of a turtle? I couldn't be happier with my life at the moment, and thanks mum for sending me here.

How gorgeous is my Tamara? And I really like that make-up on me too; Irina's flat mate Karen took me to her make-up course and I got to play model for her oriental face practice. I'm gonna make her run through a Make-up 101 course with me - time for me to get acquainted with more than just eye liners and nail polish.

And thanks to that stranger who offered to take photos for us!


  1. First thing I noticed when looking through these pictures was how lovely your make-up looks!

    I love the last photo, you look so relaxed and care-free. Maybe when me and my friends come to Syd we'll go to this place :)

  2. lovin' on Manly too. Is it getting summery because I need to move back!