Monday, 2 January 2012


Believe me, it might feel weird for a second, but Christmas in summer is 38957201928 times better than in the cold. Christmas here in Australia is spent with family and friends gathering on balconies, at beaches, having barbecues, watching cricket (not that I'm interested but), going for swims, getting shitfaced in the sun. Christmas equals walking around barefoot, getting boozy tans, and making sad faces if it's not 200 degrees and the sun is not beaming. Christmas in summer is fricken awesome.

I was working a fair bit over Christmas so I didn't have the time to go to the beach or walk around barefoot much, but I definitely didn't have to pull any sad faces. Sydney summer has been very moody, and it was grey and rainy before Christmas. But it's almost like the weather god/man/person knows what days of the year matter, and 24th and 25th of December were so beautiful that I bet everyone forgot about the crap weather just a couple of days before. Polly and I got our boozy tan at our lovely spontaneous wharf-side Christmas Eve dinner at Hugo's (how touristy ha), and I was invited to a super fancy Christmas dinner at Sara and Jodie's (with Christmas turkey! My first!), at which I nearly dozed off on the couch because I was so full. The French and Italian surely know how to celebrate.

With my express trip to Bathurst to join Toby's family on the 27th (see upcoming post :) ), it was definitely a wonderful Christmas for me this year. Although I nearly lost it when I was doing my Christmas baking and cooking (bloody butter in the cookie dough kept melting), everyone seemed happy with their treats. I just threw the ugly cookies out.

And I think I mentioned in a previous post that I was gonna wrap my presents in newspaper? It was quite entertaining to find pages and pictures that related to the receiver of the gift (some male-turned-female model in a Givenchy ad for Susan, the Optus deer for Toby, some topless athlete for Polly etc). I think only Phong's Sudoku page was a little irrelevant.

Hope everyone had as much fun as I did. x

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