Sunday, 1 January 2012


So the world didn't end last night. As far as I know, the world here in Sydney had a pretty good time watching the fireworks and getting drunk. Hopefully the world didn't end somewhere else.

Anyway - another year has gone by, and it's gone by real fast this time. The whole new year thing, however, has lost its attraction to me - every day should be special, every day we should become better, strive for greater things, love more. Resolutions should be made whenever necessary, not just because a new calendar year started, don't you think?

Nevertheless 2011 was pretty amazing for me. Life has moved into this stage where everything has sorted itself and I feel content with the people I'm surrounded with and the things I'm doing. Of course there were a couple of ups and downs, but everything happened for the best, and I don't remember ever being so calm and grateful for everything I've got. I live in one of the coolest areas in Sydney, got myself a scholarship, have grown closer to my family and friends as well as made awesome new ones, got the right balance between college and work, and found a person to share love, passions and ambitions with. I've grown myself into the person I'm supposed to be; of course I won't stop learning and reaching out for bigger and better goals, but you know how people do crazy stuff because they want to "figure out who I am"? Well, I've figured it out; I know what's important to me, I know what I'd want to know, and I know what I'd like to do. And I know I'd always want to be better, but I wouldn't want to be different.

So you were quite a meaningful year, hey 2011? There are new important steps and missions to come this year, and 2011 couldn't have prepared me any better for them. I was just about to say I may be conflicting with what I said before - that the "new year" thing shouldn't be so fussed about, and now I say there will be big new steps to take this year. But then things shouldn't be so time-related only because we can give dates to them. Because their meaning is most likely going to carry on and become part of us, and soon we won't be able to remember what year it was anymore anyway.

Just stop counting, and make the most of each day. One by one.

PS: 2011 was the year of my first SLR too. Seeing the world through different eyes I guess?


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