Wednesday, 4 January 2012


I unfortunately missed the major celebrations, but I did manage to catch a train to Bathurst to join Toby's family for a belated holiday after three days of work over the Christmas weekend. It was one of those magical express vacations where one's mind is completely at peace, days are endless and you wouldn't want it any other way, and you leave taking that happiness with you that is so dearly attached to those exact days because they happened at the right time, at the right place.

Two beautiful days spent with a wonderful family that loves, learns and shares - a lot. Everyone and everything was so cool and relaxed that I lost all my good manners and straight away lounged on the sofa, took a nap on the floor among the cricket-watching family, and lay down in the grass anywhere around the house. Well I just remember I was very happy. Thanks again, so much, for having me.



  1. omg loveeee the last picture!! what a little nugget!

  2. I like the relaxing moment after work. Its worth than anything else that I wanted. At least you have enjoyed few days off, well literally off =) Wish you all the best for this Dragon year and make it another remarkable one ;)

  3. Great pictures Nicole !
    Hope you shopped til you dropped on your spree. Must show some of your purchases
    Sounds/Looks like you had a great Christmas.
    Spent my Christmas with the family over dinner.

    You must be leaving for Vietnam some time soon then?? How exciting! Which part of Vietnam will you be in?
    The beach sounds so good right now. This rainy is so off putting.
    I've been head over heels with sequins, so spent the last couple days shopping for sequin fabric... Hoping to make something usable/wearable out of it haha.