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Sorry I've been absent for so long - after new year's (happy new year by the way!) I was super busy at work, squeezed a quick trip to Melbourne (yes again) with Tobes in between our crazy schedules, and then it was time to fly home to Vietnam for the Lunar new year already (happy Lunar new year too by the way!). Just got back a couple of days ago and been sleeping like a pig - it must be the fresh Australian air. Managed to sleep until 1pm the first night I got back...

A belated post with photos from my friend Hana's birthday back in December. I met her, her husband Jason and son Arrie (sorry gents, yes you have to stay away) through my boyfriend, and it must have been love at second sight for Hana and me (because we only said hi the first time we met). We started hanging out and talking to each other so frequently that at some stage I said I think I talk to her more often than to Toby. Her 25th was pretty funny, with all the girls sitting on one and the boys on the other side of the table (how Asian!), and the boys taking the kids and leftover wine home after dinner so that the girls can go out party. I don't think I've ever seen such a rad group of Asian girls/hot mums getting down at Sugar Lounge like that.

Yeah and tomorrow Hana and I got a date to go to the bank. Just thought you should know we're going together.

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