Tuesday, 7 February 2012


My first encounter with the brand Secret Squirrel took place when I was looking for a dress for graduation (and no, I'm not finished with college yet, that was for our associate degree). I couldn't resist the sleek cut and the most beautiful print on delicate silk, knew that I wouldn't be able to get it out of my mind so I promised my wallet that I would make up for it by not eating anything fancy for a couple of weeks and bought it. Hanging in front of the wardrobe, it was like my room's own sunshine. (Click here to see the dress. It got some lipgloss on one sleeve after a crazy dress-up Christmas party so I'm a little bit scared to touch it now though.)

Its new winter collection "Art Class" just got released recently and I'd be more than happy to wear any of their pieces to school, work, out, wherever. I'm a big fan of their simple but elegant design and their lovely fabrics and colours, which has been going across all of their collections. Their loose cuts almost give the pieces a playful masculine touch, and combined with either very soft or bold hues they do make me think of 1950's and 60's fashion. Just what we enjoy so much these days don't we - going a little back in time. Some of my favourites from "Art Class":

How pretty is the triangle print! For online shopping, stockists and all collections, visit secretsquirrellabel.com.

***Update: Secret Squirrel has now become Secret South; see website here.

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