Wednesday, 22 February 2012


Just us cruising around the city on a day off. We usually go out for dinner, so we thought we could do with a bit of daytime Sydney for a change and had yum cha for lunch at Zilver, shopped around liquor and kitchenware stores (so Toby, such a workaholic. Although I immersed myself in the bakeware section straight away too ha), had afternoon drinks at Stitch, and enjoyed the long walks in between. By the time the city crowd could take over the eating and drinking houses we were back at home, cooking dinner and watching a movie. Yes, that's all we need to have a happy day off.

Well that Tuesday just happened to be Valentine's Day. We both agreed on how shamelessly commercial that day can be and decided to keep it low key (I tend to say every day should be Valentine's Day and am pretty satisfied that the actual V Day wasn't much different from our other days off). It's almost a dilemma: it would be kinda weird not to think of it as "Valentine's Day" and not wanting to do something nice together, but it's just so gay when shop assistants ask if you're after a last minute gift or what your plans are for tonight, see people rush down the streets with shopping bags (just like when they do last minute Christmas shopping!), and go to completely packed restaurants to enjoy some romantic time with another two million couples sitting shoulder to shoulder to you. Like totally romantic.

My boyfriend gave me a bicycle. One that he built, with an old frame of his, and the prettiest and most thoughtful details (Brooks leather saddle! Cork handles! Shopping basket! Flat pedals so I can ride barefoot! And even one of the original wheels!). He kept it cool all morning and didn't say anything, just mentioned he had to see one of his friends at his bike shop before we'd go to the city (thanks Karl for taking part in the mission!), and there it was. I couldn't stop grinning all day. It was almost a V Day crime to make the day so memorable with such an amazing gift. On the other hand, thank God it's not memorable because he gave me roses and chocolate; I would've been so disappointed. I'm just trying to sound cool here - my heart still jumps whenever I see it in my sunroom or take it out for a spin. I'm in love with it and super protective of it, and I guess you can imagine why. Last night I didn't speak to T during our ride home from Hana and Jason's because he jokingly said I should take better care of my bike when I put my bag in the basket and the bike fell over.

It's so beautiful. You're so beautiful.

My Bumblebee (now that the black details are gone I renamed it the blonde Bumblebee) and T's Mady. They get to stay in the best room in the house!

My presents were pretty lame compared to Bumblebee. Well at least now T has a nice box to store his watch and cufflinks, and you might spot him wearing my tie at work some time. All carefully selected after raiding numerous Salvos stores. Didn't we agree on low key?


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  1. I obsess over your photos!! I wish I was your camera.