Wednesday, 22 February 2012


Lunar New Year, 2012

It was lovely to be at home again after another year in Sydney, especially to see my sister, who's grown up so much while I'd been gone. It was a quiet and simple new year's this year, with a lot of time spent at my grandma's beautiful house, travelling with my dad's family to Phan Thiet and reuniting with my cousins, and hanging out at home heaps (simply because it was way too hot outside), rather than preparing crazy feasts and seeing thousands of relatives and acquaintances when you really just wanna chill out with your loved ones.

I dearly miss my little monkey (who is a little too full of energy for me though; my parents have been doing well in switching off and ignoring her non-stop babbling and jumping around), however spending two weeks at home made me realise how comfortable I've been here in Australia; I can't wait for my family to come see me and get to know the life I've built in Manly. In a way it was still strange though, to come home and not feel completely at home anymore. Now I have to wait for the moment that "this is where I belong" feeling hits me again.

College started again last week so I've been a little slow with posting, sorry. I actually didn't manage to tick any of the Fast Five boxes for the last week before uni, pretty slack.

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