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I remember it was a very hot summer-like Monday night some time last year; I felt like I was stepping into an oven when I walked out of the house. Jah Bar is usually closed on Mondays, but Toby felt creative that night and asked me to join him there to take photos of a couple of cocktails for their Concrete Playground write-up. It was kinda strange to be at a restaurant on its day off; at the same time I've been so familiar with its business hour happenings already that it was nice to be able to freely walk around and see the place from different perspectives. So I grabbed the camera too when Toby took his breaks from it to make new drinks.

One of my most favourite venues in Manly - I don't remember ever not having a good time there. Besides its killer food and drinks (tapas, wines and classic cocktails with a twist), I personally like how it's quite hard to define what Jah Bar is. It's strangely appropriate for any occasion - nice, long dinners, afternoon backyard sangrias, late night wine and cocktails, or simply rocking up for a quick meal or nibbles on nights you prefer something fancier. It's formal enough to come in with family, loose enough to have a party dinner with a group of mates, and cosy, relaxed but also fun enough to swing by alone or with a friend for whatever you feel like having. Man, whatever it is, I think they're doing a fricken good job there.

Anyone enjoying a swim in Mantown and feeling like croquetas and an old fashioned (and maybe more), give me a shout. Not on Mondays though.

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