Sunday, 12 February 2012


Maybe not so much on the last photo, ha.
Sneaky little getaways are awesome, although this was the third time I went to Melbourne and the trip lacked the magic I felt last time I was there, probably because I already saw a lot during the previous trip (Check out my birthday trip to Melbourne here). Nevertheless it was amazing to feel so familiar with the city; walking around town was more about exploring little details this time rather than trying to get an idea of what the city is about.

T and I went to see his oldest brother and his family (again a super laid-back and happy team), and just walked and ate and drank as much as we could. It was just out of new year's so many places were still closed, but coffee at Brother Baba Budan was soooooo beautiful, and I got to go back to a few of my favourites like Cumulus Inc and Movida Next Door. It was warm, and fairly quiet - as usual. Melbourne always seems a tad slower and more relaxed than Sydney, which is refreshing for me everytime I go there. Not that I'm saying my life in Manly is any hectic though!

See you again, soon.

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