Monday, 4 July 2011


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We enjoy the luxury of having a sunroom in our apartment; to my convenience it's even connected with my room so it's mostly me who spends time here. I'm a big fan of bright rooms and love waking up to blue skies and sunshine - the sunroom just next door therefore is a gift of God. When I was on industry training, on my days off I'd take my blanket and a book and chill all day on the sunbench. Now that we're back at college, I said to Polly that we should set it up as a study room - it's quiet and bright, and why waste it? We moved the mattress on the sunbench into our living room to set up that little lounge area, so since I got my desk I've been spending much more time in here again, soaking up some winter sun while doing what I need to do.

Bit of fun going on in here too.

Grey clouds are pulling up now, ew. Time for a nap.

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  1. Ohh this looks so lovely! Melbourne weather failed today :( I'm loving the glass of red sitting there. I think I'll have a glass with dinner now, craving it!

    Ha, guess who updated their broadband plan so we get more GBs? Pretty excited now that i can view all of your images!