Wednesday, 3 August 2011


There are phases in life that are so eventless and go so slow that they could even make you feel stressed about it, and then there are times when things move so fast you're kind of doing everything unconsciously.

Then something unexpected happens, and you feel so grateful that it reminded or inspired you to do something which you know you might regret it if you don't.

Here I am, rushing to finish this college term while trying to make some time for a bit of work and fun; thoughts come into my mind every now and then, but I get dragged along with whatever I'm doing, and think they can wait. Maybe they might not even be relevant anymore tomorrow! But last night, I've finally put together the last pieces to fully understand that one lesson learned - unexpectedly, but gladly; and that's why I'm writing today, to remind me that there is something I need to do which I thought of before but believed it was alright to delay it, before I might not get the chance to do it anymore.

And now back to work.

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